re: Buying a Car

  • Rust on rocker panels
  • Did they already start the car before you showed up? A bit suspicious
  • Check the date on the tires. Four digits. Week and year of manufacture
  • Use penny for Lincoln head tire test
  • Oil leaks under car
    • And then open car and see if there is oil splattered around the engine
  • Are all the panels the same color? If not, maybe an accident.
  • Check oil: not burnt or low
  • Check transmission fluid (yellow pull): not burnt or low
  • Low brake oil may mean the brakes are worn (but they could just top it off)
  • Antifreeze: should be green or pink NOT oily
  • Stitching coming off on soft top?
  • Check trunk rust underneath cover panel
  • Check windows
  • Check stereo
  • Check ac/heat


How did you arrive at this number?

It sounds like there’s no movement?

You’ve been very generous. It sounds like there’s nothing more you can do.


  • Find out what you can do w/ assessed value for taxes. Is assessed value less than purchase price? If so, can you just fill $0 in for purchase price and pay the assessed value?
  • Be careful with license plates. Probably won’t forget this lesson. It’s fine to leave them on, but make sure you 100% know what is required to transfer plates.