The Worst Form of Quitting

I’m all for quitting … just not when there is a disconnect between mind and body. This incongruence usually occurs with mental quitting leading the physical. It’s fine to quit running marathons after a marathon; it is not fine during. It’s fine to get divorced; it’s not fine to mentally check out of a marriage while still married. Sure, the mind can lead the body, can serve as an indication of what the body should eventually do, but you probably should catch your spiraling mindset while still in it..

The mind is aggressive in pushing us to quit or compound errors when there is zero benefit in doing so. You may not be happy with your golf play, but you truly gain nothing by giving up on a hole and “saving it for the back nine.” Nothing, that is, other than the relief from having to stay “locked in.” But when have you ever been unhappy with yourself for remaining “locked in”? When have you been displeased for preventing errors from compounding? Yes, you may not be at your best, and yes that may be legit disappointing, but don’t you want to be the type of person who can still summon it on days where you aren’t 100%? You do know that you usually will not be 100%, right?