The thing about being different

is that you may have to live a truly different life, not merely reside as a fascinating outlier on the inside (which is probably superior).

You’ll both cherish your uniqueness, but also still long for normal things; your uniqueness will leave that longing unrequited. Or so you’ll think. Is this thinking an honest assessment or a self-pitying excuse?

Or perhaps the longing itself is the false, manufactured result of existing in a world where the insider ethic is broadcast with great force and regularity such that it’s easy to think you want things you don’t truly want.

Regardless, you’ll at once craft the ability to live in a fundamentally different way AND leave open the possibility that it doesn’t have to be this way. If that possibility is treated as an option, nothing more, then it’s fine. If veers too strongly into “preference,” the tranquility of alternate existence will be corrupted. Then again, if it’s not at least a little corrupted, who would ever opt in to possibility if and when possibility emerges?