The Right Way to Be Hypocritical

We will notice errors in others that we, ourselves, commit. That’s OK. It’s also OK to point out these errors. What makes this practice far less OK is when the knowledge of your own similar failings is nonexistent.

Can you believe the hypocrisy?

Um, yea.

No, but seriously, this is crazy.

Dude, I know you really hate the other side, but how can you not see that your side does this same type of thing on a host of matters? Sure, be upset, but your indignation level should drop just a tad. And here’s a simple way to achieve that drop: start or end your first sentence with an acknowledgment that this hypocrisy you so loathe is not unique to your enemies. Maybe the degree is different. Maybe this thing your enemy did really is the worst thing ever. Still, your side does it too. I’m not even asking you to care about self-sins, just to see them. Because once you see them, the whole situation becomes a lot less obvious and your the-world-has-gone-insane act will be much harder to execute. In other words, you will see the world more clearly.