The Friend Everyone Wants

Look at some of your friends’ friends and you can’t help but wonder why the friendship exists. Then look closer. Past the bad decisions, shared histories one feels guilty about severing, and sheer loneliness, you’ll see that some people simply need different things from friendship – we are all unique. But we are also similar. Like, days pass and pass and pass and boy it sure would be nice if I had a friend to help transform this bound-to-be-forgettable Saturday into something memorable. No amount of uniqueness makes this type of friend undesirable. Of course, you are just such a friend: you’ve made my life better than anyone else I’ve met in xxxxxxxxx.

I first really considered this during one of those xxxxxxxxx holiday extravaganzas. What most struck me was your generosity. Here you were providing food, a house, a boat, jet skis, gasoline, etc. and asking for nothing in return. Importantly, there appeared no arrogance or give-me-social-credibility-for-all-that-I’ve-given attitude that is common in such situations. Even as we were all fortunate to have you as a friend, you gave off the impression that you were simply happy that people would trek out for a hang. When both parties feel “lucky” sharing time, you have a cornerstone trait of a great relationship.

So, THANK YOU is the first purpose of this letter. Thanks for all the days in xxxxxxxxx. Thanks for the fishing excursions. And thanks for xxxxxxxxx, my favorite outdoor trip ever.

The next purpose is to acknowledge that doing cool stuff is not enough for true betterment. Because at some point the engine will throttle down and fairly mundane activities will replace the excitement that only comes from doing 90mph in the desert. It’s in these slower moments that your complex identity as a man of many things shines. Catch a glimpse from one direction, and you are a meathead who probably only cares about supersets and girls. But tilt your head in a different direction, and there’s that guy xxxxxxxxx who can fill an afternoon dissecting a spreadsheet or a book. Crouch down and you’ll find a depth of esoteric hobbies shared with high school dropouts. Stretch up on your tippy toes and there’s a man concerned with the plight of his fellow man as he quietly helps those in need. To be interesting, just be interested. That is what you are, and that is why incorrectly driving west on 70 with you was (almost) as enjoyable as racing down xxxxxxxxx.

And lastly, your brother. Don’t have anything to say. Still thinking about you. So sorry for loss. Always here to talk.