Eleven to 20: 2020

I mean, my music isn’t just music – it’s medicine. I want my song to touch people, to give them what they need. Every time I make an album I’m trying to cure cancer, musically. That stesses me out!

  • Kanye West

Pride or fear or kindness will motivate you. But so does money, and because responding with urgency is usually expensive, money makes it easier to indulge your kindness.

  • Russ Roberts

To fail to forigive is to grasp some hot coal of suffering which you can actually release.

  • Sam Harris

Score points.

  • Chip Kelly


One to Ten: 2020

How did I do that? I don’t really know what happened. I’m scared I’ll never be able to repeat that again.

Kai Lenny

With nonpayside activity, there’s no immediate gain, but neither is there immediate risk, and this is tempting to us.

Jim Camp

The general precautionary principle delineates conditions where actions mus e taken to reduce risk of ruin, and traditional cost benefit analyses must not be used. These are ruin problem where, over time, expose to fail events lead to certain eventual extinction. While there is a very high probablity for humanity survivng a single such event, over time, there is eventually zero probability of surving repeated exposures to such event. While repeated risks can be taken by individuals w/ limited life expectancy, ruin exposures must never taken at the systemic/collective level.

Nassim Taleb