Not Worth Sending Vol. I

Thank you for having the integrity, unlike xxxxxxxxx, to say what we all knew: you have no idea how to save money in healthcare.
Sure, you didn’t say it directly, and in fact presented yourself as some sage on the topic, but your own numbers don’t lie – the numbers that show you presiding over a positive healthcare spending trend every single year. Only in the backward world of healthcare would anyone dare to present such obvious increases in spending as savings.

So I ask: why should anyone listen to you? It’s certainly interesting that your cost for a family of four is allegedly less than NYC averages. If you could have explained this as anything other than luck, that would have been valuable.
And yea, you possess a ton of possibly useful experience, yet you cited zero tangible examples of how to cut costs.
This all feeds my assumption that you have nothing worth telling. Oh sure, you are fine public speaker who means well, but you are a walking example of why people despise elites. Up there in front of a highly-educated audience, drenched in self-congratulation saying words that sound impressive, but mean nothing because your premiums keep rising.
The problem is unquestionably hard. That’s why normal people have outsourced it to insurance companies, broker, politicians and people like you. The least you can do is take some responsibility and be honest with them about how little has been done to in any way solve the problem.